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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Interior: Bedroom Details

Image of Copper Metal Wire Ball, Maisons Du Monde
Homeware. Now, I'm currently sat typing out this blog post and trying to figure out at which point in my life I suddenly stopped obsessing over how many shots I could down in a club on a Thursday night and started obsessing over unnecessary but beautiful accessories for the home instead. I swear it's a new form of coming of age, right?!

With that in mind, I decided that it was utterly essential that I purchased some new accessories for my bedroom and spruced up the interior a little bit. The colour scheme in my room is a mixture of light grey & white; I opted for these tones as I knew they would go well with so many other colours and I would have options when it came to accessories. I also wanted to try to shop in a couple of new places for this little haul because I was starting to bore myself buying homeware pieces from the same old stores.

Copper detail

Copper Metal Wire Ball, Maisons Du Monde, £8.39 

I came across this cute little copper wire ball when browsing Maisons Du Monde. I think I may be a little bit behind the times but I'd never even heard of this shop before I started digging around for some interior inspiration. There are so many gorgeous pieces on the website and at first glance, I thought there was no way I would be able to afford to buy from here, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. I loved the design of this copper ball; I just thought it was a little bit different, elegant and would sit nicely on a tray with a few other pieces on top of my drawers. It's an absolute steal at £8.39 too so I just had to have it.

Indoor plants

Image of Artificial Yucca Pot Plant, Maisons Du Monde
Artificial Yucca Pot Plant, Maisons Du Monde, £23.99 

Maisons Du Monde saved the day again because I spent ages searching for the perfect artificial Yucca plant and I finally found this one. There are plenty out there but most of them were way too tall or too artificial looking. I was looking for one that looked as realistic as possible that could also be part of my tray set up on top of my drawers. It is on the expensive side at £23.99 which was more than I was hoping to pay, however, I'm really happy with the quality, it's weighted too so it's sturdy and even feels like a real plant. I also didn't mind paying a bit extra for a plant that you don't have to water or maintain because real ones usually last about two days with me!

Image of Dorma Peony and Rose Arrangement Dunelm
Dorma Peony and Rose Arrangement (Artificial), Dunelm, £40.00 

This post was originally titled "affordable interior" until I treated myself to some ridiculously priced fake flowers (they've increased by a further £5 now too) from the luxury range in Dunelm. I did try to find a cheaper alternative that looked as pretty as these ones but I wasn't successful - I had my heart set on these. I love the crisp white flowers and the fullness of the arrangement. Again, I see this as an investment and if I ever want to change up my bedroom interior again, these will easily suit any other room in the house. I'm still trying to find a justifiable reason for spending £45 on artificial flowers but you pay for quality and if you're in a position to treat yourself then y'know, why not!


'No Place Like Home' Print, Etsy EnchantedWishesUK, £7.99

I find Etsy is the best place for unique, affordable prints and they're such an easy way to add a little something to a room. I ordered a print for my friend's birthday from Joanne's Etsy shop, EnchantedWishesUK - I was really impressed with it and needed one for myself. I ordered this custom, rose gold foil print with the quote 'no place like home' and it's fabulous. It's simple yet effective and fits in really well with the minimal theme in my room. The service from Joanne was also fantastic, she was really helpful and sent over a couple of designs for me to approve before I ordered. The delivery was so quick too so I didn't have to wait very long to frame this beauty.

Eucalyptus Watercolour Print, Etsy UrbanCreativeUK, £9.99

I opted for this gorgeous Eucalyptus watercolour print as the finishing touch - I wanted another print that would compliment my rose gold foil picture but also tie in with the botanical theme I've got going on. Again, it's simple and classic and helps to bring some nature inside! I would highly recommend the prints by UrbanCreativeUK - my order was dispatched in less than 24 hours too which was very impressive.

Click below to buy any of the homeware pieces in this post:

Let me know in the comments where your favourite places to buy homeware are because I'm currently addicted and I'm probably going to turn into a homeware hoarder (perfectly comfortable with this FYI).


  1. I love these bits. Rose gold is so perfect for home decor. I love Dunelm, I was there yesterday grabbing some bargains!
    The Range is another great place to shop for things like that too.

  2. Plants and flowers make every room 10x better. I shared my bits I have in my bedroom if you wanna check it out (DIY photo frame + room decor). I absolutely love this copper thing even though I have no idea what it actually is haha I still want one :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

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