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Sunday, 2 July 2017

How to Grow Your Pinterest By 3000 Followers in 12 Weeks

How to Grow Your Pinterest
As far as social media goes, Pinterest is a relatively new platform that most of us are still trying to navigate and get to grips with. It's taken a little while to get there, but according to Google Analytics, Pinterest is now the second largest driver of traffic to my blog each month. When I first created a Pinterest account, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing - I would crazily pin to one or two boards and couldn't understand why I wasn't able to grow my following. For me, it was more about the pretty pictures and blog inspiration, I didn't realise how useful the platform would be in helping me to attract readers to my blog. At the end of January 2017, I had 678 followers and by making a few little changes, I'd grown my following to 4, 251 followers by April. Here's a few simple tips on how to grow your Pinterest following in a short space of time:

1. Convert your account to Pinterest for Business
It's quick and easy to convert your personal account to Pinterest for Business. You will just need to follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Click 'Convert your existing account'
3. Fill out the information required and agree to the Terms of Service
4. Click convert

You can enter your blog name to represent your brand and also verify your website which really helps your credibility. Pinterest for Business will also give you access to a wealth of information under the Analytics section. You'll find stats on how many people your pins reach, demographics, profile visits and how many users interact with your blog via Pinterest. Most importantly, you'll find information on how many saves and clicks each pin has had and which boards are your most popular.

2. Narrow down your boards & keep board titles simple
When I first started using Pinterest, my boards were limited and I would pin everything to two or three boards. After a little research on how was best to get your pins noticed, there seemed to be a theme of creating more specific boards. So instead of having a really broad title, such as, 'Make Up' or 'Beauty', I narrowed these down to 'Metallic Eyeshadow', 'Nude Lipstick', 'Matte Eyeshadow' etc. and noticed a huge increase in repins and followers. Another tip is to keep your board titles unique but simple. If your board titles are complicated or too creative, you'll risk not showing up in searches made by other Pinterest users so it's worth taking your time to think about them. I found it really useful to come up with titles by looking at my own search history - likeminded people will be searching for similar pins!

3. Always include a description on your pins
I can't stress how important it is to make sure you spend some time when it comes to writing a description under your pins as this is where you will be able to make the most impact in reaching a wider audience and gaining followers. The descriptions need to be simple and include key words that are relevant to your brand. For example, if I'm pinning to my Metallic Eyeshadow board, I find that something like 'rose gold and pink metallic blended eyeshadow look' will do really well. Again, you need to be thinking about the type of things other users will be searching for so that they come across your pins and repin them on to their boards. I'd also avoid using hashtags on Pinterest as they don't really work in the same way as Twitter and Instagram. If you click on a generic hashtag, you'll find that the search will bring up a lot of boards and pins that just aren't relevant to you. I generally avoid using them altogether and just focus on ensuring relevant key words are in my pin descriptions as it's much more useful.

4. Pin, a lot!
I know this seems like a crazy statement - it seems so obvious that you need to actually pin on Pinterest. However, you're not going to grow your followers if you only pin about two pins per day. It's all about consistency and a little bit of strategy. I tend to pin three times per day, every day - morning, lunchtime and at night - a minimum of ten pins each time. If you spread out your pinning throughout the day, you're more likely to target different audiences and time zones. Strategy wise, I will try to pin to all of my boards at least once a day but focus on building up pins on my most popular boards. Consistency really is the key thing here, ideally you need to pin daily, I notice a dramatic drop in followers/engaged users even when I forget to pin just for one day.

5. Display your most eye-catching boards at the top of your profile
Pinterest have most recently introduced a great little rotating stream feature called Showcase that allows you to choose a select few boards that appear at the top of your profile (this feature is only available on Pinterest for Business accounts). Your boards are easily accessible and people don't have to go searching for them. I make sure that all of my most popular boards are displayed at the top along with my dedicated blog board as this means that users can click through to my blog really easily. It's also important to ensure that you choose aesthetically pleasing cover photos as it's your opportunity to impress and display the top highlights of your account, it sets the vibe for the rest of your profile.

6. Join group boards
I hadn't joined any group boards until recently but they're a great way of sharing pins with users who have similar interests to you. You'll more than likely have to be invited to these boards and it's really important that you follow the rules set out by the owner of the group. I am part of the Beauty Bloggers Exposure board, which is a place for beauty bloggers to pin their posts to a board followed by other bloggers - you pin your own post to the board and then the rules are that you then pin two other blogger's posts to your own boards to give their post exposure too. If you're following and supporting people with the same interests, it's more than likely that they will also give you a follow back.

So there we have it, some really simple tips on how you can grow your Pinterest following and drive traffic to your blog. It takes patience, time and dedication in the first instance, but once you have narrowed down your boards and established a routine of pinning daily, you should see a significant increase in your following.

Obviously I'm including a cheeky little plug in this post - if you're a fan of beauty, travel, food and fashion, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Feel free to leave any other tips on how to grow your Pinterest in the comments below! 


  1. Really great tips lovely! I must work harder on my Pinterest x


  2. These tips have helped me loads! I have just book marked this so I can come back to it when home later and make all these changes! Thanks girlie 😃
    Charlee | Rose above the Thorns

  3. Thank you Francesca! I am doing all that you mention above except for organizing my top performing boards up top! Also, would love to hear recs on groups...I have joined 1 which I love, but also need to find more!

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