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Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Male Bloggers You Need to Know About #2

As part one of Male Bloggers You Need To Know About was one of my most popular posts to date, I thought I'd treat you all to part two. As we move into 2017, I have no doubt that the male blogging industry will continue to grow and pick up the pace as it has in 2016. I'm so pleased it's now seen as the 'norm' for men to also enjoy cleansing, toning, moisturising and makeup! Here's some more handsome fellas you should be following:

The Everyday Man Male Blogger
The Everyday Man is written by John who has firmly established himself as one of the frontrunners within the male blogging industry over the last (nearly) 5 years. If you're a fan of suave suits, bright pink socks (you'll have to check John's Instagram below to know what I'm referring to), health & fitness, music and travel, The Everyday Man most certainly won't disappoint. The travel section is my particular favourite as it satisfies my own wanderlust. I'm not envious in the slightest when he posts his worldwide adventures on Twitter (ha!). John has also worked with some incredible brands throughout his career and I think that's testament to his capabilities as an honest, credible blogger. Definitely one to check out.

A Bloke's Eye View Male Blogger
I've followed Carl over at A Bloke's Eye View for a pretty long time now, in fact, I'm sure he was one of the first male bloggers I discovered when I started blogging myself almost two years ago. I enjoy the three f's on his blog - family, fashion and food. He's got the most amazing shoe collection to go with his dapper suits and also documents his adventures with his gorgeous wife and two beautiful children. Carl's writing style is honest and open which is something I really appreciate; I think it allows his readers to engage with him as a person. I expect there will be more good things to come from Carl's blog in the very near future.

The Middle Aged Man Male Blogger
The Middle Aged Man created by the lovely (middle aged) Robbie is a relatively new blog that has gained rapid popularity within the blogosphere in just 7 months. You'll be hard pushed to find a topic that his blog doesn't cover from lifestyle and travel to fashion and male grooming. The Middle Aged Man does not shy away from open and honest reviews and his post discussing the 'manscaping' debate is one of my personal favourites. I can't wait to see what Robbie's blog has to offer this year, definitely one to watch.
Mr Luke Christian Male Blogger
I've only recently discovered Leeds based blogger Luke, the owner of Mr Luke Christian, but I'm already a big fan. We bonded over a love of the brand Kiehl's, which features heavily in the skincare section of Luke's blog so I've enjoyed reading his opinion on those products. If you're also looking for fashion tips or want to up your game with a smart and edgy style then Luke is definitely your man. I love the outfit he is wearing in the photo above! I'd also highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel too as his outgoing personality is hilarious! One to watch in the blogging community right now.

Let me know in the comments who your favourite male bloggers are...


  1. I don't follow any male bloggers, but I think I might need to change this soon, I love the look of these ones, will need to go check out their content :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. The travel section is my particular favourite as it satisfies my own wanderlust.

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