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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Burberry Beauty Basics

Image of Burberry Beauty Range
While it's not always necessary to spend a fortune on beauty products, it's good to splash out and treat yourself from time to time. I'm a firm believer in spending that little bit more if it means you're investing in a better quality product. I'd been eyeing up the Burberry beauty range for a rather long time and decided that it was essential that I added a couple of staple products to my collection.
Burberry is not synonymous with the word beauty; we're much more likely to expect classic check scarves and beautifully tailored trench coats from the quintessentially British brand. If you're anything like me though, you won't be able to afford even a lapel of a Burberry coat but the more 'affordable' beauty range definitely does not disappoint if you're on the hunt for high end makeup.
This was my first experience of the beauty range - I opted to try the Burberry Kisses Lipstick and the Bold Lash Mascara - I can safely say that I've never been so impressed with a brand and the way in which they are so intent on delivering a luxurious customer experience. I was sold from the moment I opened the package and unveiled the beautiful, expensive outer packaging, even the receipt was neatly folded in a golden, embossed Burberry envelope. It really created an air of luxury and the attention to the finer details most definitely won me over.
Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Garnet no. 81 (£25)
I've fallen in love with this lipstick and I have a feeling it'll remain a firm favourite in my makeup collection for the foreseeable future. As usual, I went for a deep berry colour so it's the perfect shade for Autumn and Winter (or all year round if you're me). The formula is a bit of a dream, it's buildable to create several different looks from sheer to heavily pigmented and is so comfortable and hydrating on the lips. I did have to top up a couple of times throughout the day, I think we've all been spoilt by the longevity of liquid lipsticks and it's so difficult not to compare. In terms of a standard lipstick though, I was impressed with how long lasting it was.There is also something particularly satisfying when the innovative magnetic lid snaps shut - you can rest assured that your Burberry lipstick will not be damaged at the bottom of your handbag.
Burberry Bold Lash Mascara in Ebony no. 01 (£24)
I was pleasantly surprised by the Bold Lash Mascara; I have a real problem finding mascara's that work with my lashes as they're a bit all over the place and have a few gaps in places. The tapered wand worked really well for me - it coated my lashes evenly and gave them a lovely, natural curl. It even managed to individually separate my lashes to make them look a lot fuller and helped to conceal the aforementioned gap problem. The creamy, hydrating formula is highly pigmented and definitely gives a dark, bold look without being too over the top and dramatic. There wasn't a spider lash or clump in sight which is a huge plus point for me and it was comfortable to wear all day. It's the perfect mascara for daily wear - volumising and weightless without being too intense.    
Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of the Burberry beauty range or if there's anything you have your eye on!


  1. The lipstick looks gorgeous even before you wear it! That colour does look incredible, I'm glad you mentioned that it needs reapplying, I too have been too spoilt by liquid matte! Xxx

  2. I love burberry makeup! Their eyeshadows are great and they are my favorite!

  3. That lipstick is a beautiful colour and the Burberry imprint makes it look so chic!

    Lucy |

  4. I love the detail on that Burberry lipstick and the colour is lovely too x


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