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Sunday, 24 January 2016

15 Things You Should Know About Bloggers

So, this morning Cosmopolitan UK felt it appropriate to post an inaccurate, poorly researched article about bloggers '15 Things You Should Know About Dating a Blogger'. While I think it was an attempt at some sort of humour, I am quite frankly fed up of blogging misconceptions and blogger bashing. There is more humour in my little finger than there was in that article. Here is my response to Cosmopolitan:
1. Give me all the likes. Funnily enough I like it when people like reading my blog. Do I care if a date doesn't enjoy reading my blog though? No, totally irrelevant.

2. Essays over text? We spend enough time putting the effort into our blog writing, I keep my texts to one line where possible.

3. Bloggers do actually have deadlines to meet Cosmo, y'know as most writers do. Was your deadline for this article so pushed that you didn't have any time to research what blogging actually entails? P.s. I don't have Instagram and my dishes are washed daily. 

4. I do not and never will blog to impress men. We've got enough personality and sass outside of blogging to attract and keep our other halves without having to take them on a date to 'something cool'.

5. Acting annoyed if you read our blogs? I'm not sure what your relationships are like Cosmo but I think us bloggers can have this thing called an ADULT relationship without getting annoyed about our partners reading our blogs. We'll be too busy arguing about who's putting the bins out.

6. I don't even bloody like coffee. Chuck me a cup of Earl Grey Cosmo, thanks.

7. Yes Cosmo, I do know loads of other bloggers funnily enough. Oh, I just hate to be part of a blogging community where people are supportive, friendly and like-minded. It's just completely awful.

8. My date wouldn't even get a look in with the 'free booze'. Anyone that knows me knows that no one gets in the way of me and free booze. Not even a prospective boyfriend.

9. Actually, yes I do want to hear about that amazing post you read the other day as I love discovering new blogs and bloggers. Send that shit over to me. Quickly!

10. Mobile battery has nothing to do with my moods. I'm permanently a moody bitch whether I have 100% battery or 1%.

11. LIVE OFF FREEBIES. The entire time I've been blogging I've received 2 PR gifts, but yes, we all TOTALLY live off freebies. I've never purchased anything with my own hard earned cash as we're just inundated with free shit 24/7.

12. Probably the only accurate point that is made in the whole article, I spend a copious amount of time in my PJs. Generally because I don't have time to get dressed while working full time and managing a blog, OK?

13. A pseudo?! That's why my name is Fran and I blog about beauty so named my blog Fran's Beauty Blog. Also, trust me, I really wasn't giggling in the slightest.

14. Trying to bash our confidence now are you? I don't see anything wrong with independence and self belief. Take your insecure self away from our confidence, thank you.

15. I can categorically state that I have never considered dating a Twitter 'fan'. More to the point can we refrain from calling blog readers fans, we're writers not Justin bloody Bieber.
Disclaimer: Please take this article as tongue in cheek, the way that it is intended. I'm just more than fed up of people attempting to belittle the hard work of bloggers. These are pretty personal responses so I know they won't all be agreed with!


  1. Yes Fran, you slay with this post! This is much better, in fact, it's actually true! These points are the reality of blogging, unlike Cosmo's - which I read up to about point 5 and closed the tab because I was getting annoyed lollllll, oh the joys! xxx

    Jasmine ||

  2. Live for freebies? Not that I ever got one but can't really say I want them either since they are not free, we do work for them. And in Sweden we also have to pay tax for them since they are seen as an income.

    So yeah I liked this one so much better than the one in Cosmo. XO

  3. Number 7 omg!I'm sorry but that was just stupid of Cosmos. They're obviously jealous of the wonderful community we have.

    lovely post,
    Daizy |

  4. This post is brilliant, I've just had to read it for a second time. LIVE OFF FREEBIES....if I writ's a post about Eon I might get my gas and electric for free....ooooh tempted. Blogging is fun and I think it's amazing that so may of us a creative and share a passion for something. It's a shame there wasn't more of it.

    Lauren X

  5. "I'm permanently a moody bitch whether I have 100% battery or 1%." I really can't stop giggling!
    I've never agreed with the "fan" thing either. Thankfully it's not a concept I hear much with blogging, more YouTube/vlogging but still. It wouldn't/doesn't sit right with me.

    Maxine, xo

  6. Yes yes yes.
    This post by Cosmo is disgusting and shows the lack of research they can put in to their articles. I hope the author of this post realises that they have made it very clear how Cosmo see bloggers. I look forward to their response!


  7. Such a great, proactive response! It was a poorly written, flippant article which sought to make fun of bloggers, the community and hard work - but this is the perfect antidote!

    Emma |

  8. I LOVE THIS POST FRAN! Why wasn't this put up instead of the Cosmo one haha!! TBH I only read the first few points of the Cosmo one and closed it.. and FORGOT about it .. because I have much more important things to worry about than that (like eating all the freebies I get and sitting in my PJS). Ha!! Your points are true and I love each and every one of them! LOVE THIS POST!!


  9. Yes Fran! I actually hope they see this and respond! Their article was just rude in my opinion and from a magazine that is supposed to be about women supporting and uplifting eachother I think it was a really bitchy article to post!

  10. Slay gurl! This is perfect! I also hate coffee, but then again I don't like tea either, but I'll hate them while living in my pyjamas...

    Kimberley //

  11. Saw this article and didn't really find it funny at all! Really enjoyed your post though <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  12. I'm so glad that someone wrote a response to this article - brilliant post!

    Emma |

  13. Love this!!!!!

  14. Hahaha!!! I LOVED this post Fran!! So funny!!! hehehehe! Did I mention I'm struggling to write this as I'm drowning under all the freebie's I've been sent and I'm still hungover from that event I went to where I drank all the free booze and carried home armfuls of free products!!! ahaha!!! >.< Hilarious! =P x x x

  15. This was utterly brilliant! I couldn't stand the sheer nerve of that stupid Cosmo artical so this has really made me giggle :)

    Jade |

  16. Haha this post is one of the greatest posts I have ever read! For real! I love being a part of this friendly and supportive community so I loved #7 and I laughed so hard on #10 and the moody bitch! :)



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