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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

6 Concealers for Pale Skin

Concealers for Pale Skin
A career in Sales has resulted in dark bags under my eyes and early development of crow's feet for me (brilliant). Concealer is now an essential part of my make up routine if I don't want that 'I'm so exhausted I've had 1 hour of sleep all week' kinda look. To this day, I'm still on the hunt for my perfect concealer, I haven't come across one that I'm absolutely in love with yet, but here is a selection of the ones that I have tried and tested on my pale skin so far:

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Chantilly) - a lovely concealer that, in my opinion, deserves the blogger hype. It applies and blends so beautifully on the skin. I love how light this shade is, it's probably the best colour match for me as it really helps to brighten my under eye area which is exactly what I need. I find that this has a lot of staying power too.

Maybelline Perfect and Cover Concealer (Light) - I wasn't as impressed with this as I thought I would be as it was surrounded by a lot of blogger hype. I found that out of all of the concealers pictured, the consistency of it settles in my creases the most. I do love the application sponge though as you can swipe it concisely under your eye, very innovative from Maybelline!

Benefit Fake Up Crease Control Concealer (01 Light) - I really like this concealer a lot even though it doesn't work well with my oily skin. I found that after a couple of hours my make up under my eyes had gradually started to slide off and was in desperate need of a touch up. I had really high hopes that this would cover my creases but unfortunately it just didn't work for me. This would be great for anyone that doesn't have oily skin as it contains hydrating qualities that stops your skin from drying out.

Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer (Shade 1) - I have to say, I wasn't overly impressed with this product. I was holding out for this one as I have had great experiences with every other Laura Mercier product that I have tried but this one just didn't work for me personally. As it says on the tube, it's a high coverage concealer but it's so thick that I really struggled to blend it in to my skin and it gathered in all my under eye lines. I think this would be much more suited to people that don't struggle with wrinkly under eyes like I do!

Dior Skin Star Concealer (Shade 001) - this concealer is very similar to Nars Chantilly but the consistency is less creamy and while it is easy to apply, I don't find that it blends as well. You need to apply a lot more in order to get the same coverage. It does work really well in hiding my dark circles though which really makes up for it.

17 Hide Away Concealer Cream (Fair) - my favourite overall concealer of the bunch. Considering I'm a bit a self-confessed makeup snob, I always seem to favour the high end products over high street but this one really surprised me with it's quality. As you can see, it is my most used concealer and I reach for this on a daily basis. I'm not as keen on this for under my eyes but it is great for applying on blemishes and helping them to disappear. Paired with a beauty blender it covers my spots like a dream.

I always opt for the lightest shade possible when it comes to concealer and even then it sometimes isn't light enough for me! I'm still on a mission to find that ideal product that will not settle in the creases under my eyes so please feel free to make suggestions for me if you have any.

What are your favourite concealers? Have you tried any of the products featured in this post?


  1. Nice photo :)
    Maria V.

  2. I really really want to try the NARS creamy concealer - It's definitely on my christmas list!!

  3. I really want to try the nars cream concealer! I'm also pretty pale so may give that shade a go! Have you tried the NYX HD concealer? That and the maybelline eye eraser are my go to concealer at the moment! Your gonna break my bank balance with all your reviews and recommendations! �� Rachel xx


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