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Friday, 3 July 2015

Back To Where It All Began: Avon Haul

Now, I'm just going to put it out there- it was Sabrina's Secrets that first sparked my interest in make-up (it also sparked an interesting 'shocking pink glitter eye shadow' trend among 10-12 year olds in the early 2000s) but if I'm going to get serious about it then the first 'proper' make-up I ever purchased was from Avon Cosmetics. I used to deliver Avon myself from the age of 14 and I remember putting in my order on the old school paper order forms and getting overexcited when the little paper bag full of Avon products arrived at my door. When I really began to get in to makeup, I started to spread my wings and try other brands and that has resulted in me neglecting Avon for about 6 years. However, my Mum received an Avon book a couple of weeks ago and after a little browse, I accidentally ordered £35 worth of products, as you do!
Avon Haul
Firstly, I opted for Planet Spa's Camomile & Lavender Pillow Mist, I'm not usually a fan of Lavender but the Camomile seems to dilute the overpowering smell to create a lovely, relaxing scent. I spritz my pillow twice before going to sleep and I swear it helps me drift off! The Planet Spa Chocolate Face Mask smells absolutely gorgeous. The African Shea Butter & Cocoa leaves my skin feeling so smooth too. I haven't been using the Anew Dark Circle Corrector for long enough to notice a dramatic difference yet but the product applies well and underneath my eyes feels really refreshed so far. I will keep you all updated with this one. My favourite purchase has to be the Anew Transforming Brow Filler. This product is seriously on a par with Benefit's Gimme Brow. It is a gel like formula that has a silicone brush on the tip so that you can softly comb through your eyebrows at the same time as applying the product. I love this idea as it allows you to get a really even application. I went for the 'Dark Brown' shade and it matches perfectly with my brows. The only minor gripe I have with this product is that you have to twist the pen in order for the product to come out. This does make it difficult to control the amount of gel that you are putting on your brows but overall, I love it!
Have you had a product haul recently? I'd love to hear about your new products in my comments!

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  1. Planet Spa goodies are my favorites for face cleaning. Avon makes really good quallity for cheap prise. My most-most favorite is Dead Sea Minerals face mask. The masks and scrubs with olive and egyptian secrets are pretty good too.


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