Sunday, 29 October 2017

Travelling the World: Things I've Ticked Off My Travel Bucket List

Picture of Dubrovnik scenery Croatia
I was scrolling through my iPhone photos the other day and it got me thinking how lucky I really am that I have been able to just about afford to travel the world and experience so many different countries (thanks to my sister who is an expert at trawling Expedia and pin-pointing some ridiculously cheap deals). For me, travel doesn't have to be extravagant - you don't have to be bungee jumping, sailing around on a yacht or staying in the most expensive hotel, it's about enjoying the atmosphere, your surroundings and simply being in another country. Most of my favourite experiences abroad involve looking at beautiful landscapes and eating way too much food. I wanted to share the highlights of some of my travel adventures with you; I love reading these kind of posts as they give me so much inspiration and I always take something away to add to my own travel bucket list.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Four Steps to Keeping Combination Skin Hydrated with Elemis Skincare

Picture of Elemis Skincare products
Elemis products are by far my favourite when it comes to skincare - not only do they work really well with my skin, it feels to me like a little luxurious spa experience on a daily basis. While it's definitely not a necessity, my personal preference is to spend a little more on a quality, high end brand when I'm purchasing skincare products. There are currently four steps (and one optional extra) in my routine that allow me to keep my combination skin hydrated:
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