Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Antipodes Organic Skincare for Combination Skin

As a skincare fiend, I'm always on the hunt for new brands to try out that work well with my combination skin. This winter has been tough on my skin and I've really suffered with breakouts and severe dry patches - the only good thing to come from this has been that, for once in my lazy life, I've been forced to maintain a consistent skincare routine and my face couldn't be more thankful for it.

Antipodes is a New Zealand based organic skincare brand that combines scientific research and natural ingredients to deliver innovative products to the skincare market. The brand targets women of all ages with varying skin types and highlights the importance of a structured regime to keep your skin looking healthy and flawless. I'm not going to lie, I may have fallen a slightly in love with this brand because one of their anti-ageing ingredients is extracted from the seeds of Sauvignon Blanc grapes and as we all know, I'm partial to the odd glass of Sauvignon on certain occasions (ok, most Fridays).    

Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser £24.99

The Antipodes Juliet Skin- Brightening Gel Cleanser has been my skin saviour; I have been using this for around 4 months and have seen a noticeable difference to the brightness of my skin and it's really helped to keep blemishes and redness at bay. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing cleanser, I was quite surprised to find that it's a thin brown liquid that could potentially be mistaken for something medicinal. You'll soon forgive this though as the scent of kiwi, Manuka honey and hibiscus flower comes through and excites your senses (it smells absolutely gorgeous!). The gel turns into a foam cleanser as you massage it into your face and neck; I always take care to concentrate on problem areas that need a little bit more attention. Daily use, removed with a warm cloth, has helped to reduce dullness and has left my skin glowing.

Antipodes Certified Organic Light Facial Day Cream £26.99

I'm over the moon that I have discovered the Antipodes Organic Light Facial Day Cream. This is perfect for people with oily skin who really struggle to find a moisturiser that doesn't leave their face looking and feeling greasy. It really is light, allows your skin to breathe and is packed full of natural, organic ingredients. It's lightly scented with sweet almond oil and vanilla pod which is a pretty heavenly combination. On first application, the cream can feel rather thick, however, it absorbs into the skin so quickly and feels almost matte when it's fully dry. It really helps to balance my combination skin so it targets those dry patches but doesn't encourage my skin to overproduce oil as it usually does. A little goes a long way with this as it's so concentrated so be careful not to squeeze too much from the tube - you don't want to be wasting any of this little gem!

I'm more than impressed with what Antipodes has to offer as a brand - I'd seen it floating around the blogosphere for a long while before purchasing and was slightly concerned that it wouldn't live up to its hype. It's very clear that time and effort have been invested into researching and creating this innovative skincare range. You pay high end prices for high quality products and I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase either the Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser or the Light Facial Day Cream. I'm looking forward to expanding my Antipodes collection in the very near future.

Let me know about your favourite Antipodes products in the comments below!
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