Saturday, 30 January 2016

Favourite Highlighter Products

Favourite Highlighter Products
It feels like ages since I've had the time to sit down and blog properly, life has been getting in the way combined with my general lack of motivation and enthusiasm when January comes around. I'd really like some sun now please if you don't mind. I'm back though with my favourite highlighters:

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer this featured in my favourite beauty products of 2015 which you can find here and it's been very well used. It's by far the best highlighter I have ever owned - it just ticks every box. It's highly pigmented, it's a beautiful rose gold colour and it has the perfect amount of shimmer and glow. It definitely has the wow factor and lives up to it's hype. I don't think I've seen any blogger who is disappointed with Mary-Lou Manizer!

No. 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter I'm not usually a fan of cream highlighters because they leave you with a lovely glow but also tend to swipe off half of your foundation which isn't really ideal, is it?! This product however seems to just glide onto the skin (almost like a gel) and blend in beautifully. It's very light gold in tone with a little shimmer, perfect for day wear as it isn't too intense.

Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter this is almost a dupe for the Mary-Lou Manizer really but just slightly less pigmented. For me personally it's a little too yellow for my skin tone but y'know I still wear it anyway. As this product is 'baked', you really don't need much as I found that my face looked too glittery if too much is applied. A small sweep on your cheekbones is enough and I tone it down with Benefit High Beam. Love it.

Benefit High Beam I use this highlighter a little differently to the rest as it never seems to 'pop' on me. I find that when you blend it in, it gives quite a subtle, sheer glow and the tone is silvery blue. I use this underneath my eyebrows and on top of my powder highlighter to give an extra shimmer. What I love most about this product is that you only need to use a tiny bit and the bottle has lasted me forever!

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish this was one of the first highlighters I ever bought and I still love it to this day. I do admit that it's been a little bit replaced by Mary-Lou Manizer (sorry MAC) but it's still a pretty regular feature in my makeup routine. I think a golden, lighter tone is a better match for my pale skin. This product is more bronze so I have to blend it out a lot so it doesn't look too dark on me. I love the shimmer in this and feel so glamorous when I'm wearing it.

Have you tried any of these products? What are you favourite highlighters?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

15 Things You Should Know About Bloggers

So, this morning Cosmopolitan UK felt it appropriate to post an inaccurate, poorly researched article about bloggers '15 Things You Should Know About Dating a Blogger'. While I think it was an attempt at some sort of humour, I am quite frankly fed up of blogging misconceptions and blogger bashing. There is more humour in my little finger than there was in that article. Here is my response to Cosmopolitan:
1. Give me all the likes. Funnily enough I like it when people like reading my blog. Do I care if a date doesn't enjoy reading my blog though? No, totally irrelevant.

2. Essays over text? We spend enough time putting the effort into our blog writing, I keep my texts to one line where possible.

3. Bloggers do actually have deadlines to meet Cosmo, y'know as most writers do. Was your deadline for this article so pushed that you didn't have any time to research what blogging actually entails? P.s. I don't have Instagram and my dishes are washed daily. 

4. I do not and never will blog to impress men. We've got enough personality and sass outside of blogging to attract and keep our other halves without having to take them on a date to 'something cool'.

5. Acting annoyed if you read our blogs? I'm not sure what your relationships are like Cosmo but I think us bloggers can have this thing called an ADULT relationship without getting annoyed about our partners reading our blogs. We'll be too busy arguing about who's putting the bins out.

6. I don't even bloody like coffee. Chuck me a cup of Earl Grey Cosmo, thanks.

7. Yes Cosmo, I do know loads of other bloggers funnily enough. Oh, I just hate to be part of a blogging community where people are supportive, friendly and like-minded. It's just completely awful.

8. My date wouldn't even get a look in with the 'free booze'. Anyone that knows me knows that no one gets in the way of me and free booze. Not even a prospective boyfriend.

9. Actually, yes I do want to hear about that amazing post you read the other day as I love discovering new blogs and bloggers. Send that shit over to me. Quickly!

10. Mobile battery has nothing to do with my moods. I'm permanently a moody bitch whether I have 100% battery or 1%.

11. LIVE OFF FREEBIES. The entire time I've been blogging I've received 2 PR gifts, but yes, we all TOTALLY live off freebies. I've never purchased anything with my own hard earned cash as we're just inundated with free shit 24/7.

12. Probably the only accurate point that is made in the whole article, I spend a copious amount of time in my PJs. Generally because I don't have time to get dressed while working full time and managing a blog, OK?

13. A pseudo?! That's why my name is Fran and I blog about beauty so named my blog Fran's Beauty Blog. Also, trust me, I really wasn't giggling in the slightest.

14. Trying to bash our confidence now are you? I don't see anything wrong with independence and self belief. Take your insecure self away from our confidence, thank you.

15. I can categorically state that I have never considered dating a Twitter 'fan'. More to the point can we refrain from calling blog readers fans, we're writers not Justin bloody Bieber.
Disclaimer: Please take this article as tongue in cheek, the way that it is intended. I'm just more than fed up of people attempting to belittle the hard work of bloggers. These are pretty personal responses so I know they won't all be agreed with!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

NYX Beauty Haul

NYX Beauty Haul
When it comes to beauty products, I always seem to gravitate towards the same brands because I know I love them. I'm a bit of a creature of habit, you see. I'm trying to branch out a little more and try new brands this year (I wouldn't want to be missing out now would I?!). I've been meaning to try NYX for a while after reading great reviews but I'd just never got round to placing an order. That was until I was browsing the Boots website and noticed that they'd started stocking the brand so I swiftly filled my basket!

HD Primer Base - I didn't personally get on with this product as I'm not a big fan of the consistency. When it comes to primers, I like a good gel formula really (personal preference!). It's more like a moisturiser and felt a bit too thick on my skin for my liking.  It did keep my makeup on for a fair few hours though, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

HD Concealer in Porcelain- I know this is a big statement but I'm putting it out there that this concealer is even better than the much hyped Nars Creamy Concealer. I own both and I actually prefer NYX. You do need a little more in order to get the same coverage as the Nars concealer but I find that this one is easier to blend and is great for creating those light areas for your base.

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen- This lip cream is an absolute dream. Just gimme this entire collection right now! I absolutely love this dark berry colour and it's perfect for the winter months. It's not the most long lasting lip cream I've ever tried but I didn't have to reapply constantly either. I did find that it was slightly drying on the lips but nothing major. I have a feeling this will be one of my most used lip colours this year.

Wicked Lippies in Cold Hearted & Betrayal- Can we just take a brief moment to appreciate the beauty of these lipsticks? Wicked Lippies have an amazing array of metallic, bold lipsticks- everything from green, blue and purple. These colours are the total opposite to what I would normally go for but I really fancied trying them out. Surprisingly, I absolutely love them but I need to find the right makeup look to go with them. They won't be included in my daily wear but I think they'd look great for going out for something a bit different and adventurous.

Dewy Finish Setting Spray- I'm really happy with this product and I've already incorporated it into my daily makeup routine. I'm not completely sold on setting sprays as I'm just not overly convinced that they make a huge difference to the longevity of your makeup. However, I've been spritzing this onto my beauty blender to set my makeup and it does give a slight dewy finish. Not a life changing product but it's refreshing if nothing else!

I'm SO impressed with this brand and I can't wait to add lots of other products to my collection.
What are you favourite NYX products? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit Giveaway | 1,000 Followers

I promised a giveaway when I hit 1,000 followers so here we are! (I've also hit over 10, 000 blog views today which is amazing!)

Let's get the soppy Oscar speech out of the way before we get to the giveaway (the interesting bit):

1,000 people listening to you tweet absolute shite might not seem a lot for some people but it's huge for me. I started this blog in May 2015 with absolutely no clue what I was doing (still don't) and the blogging community have been the kindest, most supportive people I've come across. My blogging experience has been amazing so far and I hope that continues. So, as a thank you for all of your support, I am giving away one Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit in a colour of your choice. I'd much rather keep this for myself but sometimes I'm nice so I'll give it away ;)

You can have a browse of the Charlotte Tilbury website here to choose your favourite colour Lip Kit.

The rules:
To be in with a chance of winning this little beauty, you just need to follow the steps on the Rafflecopter form below. You will need to be following Fran's Beauty Blog on Twitter & Bloglovin' and I've also added a few non-compulsory things to increase your chances of winning.

The closing date for entries is Friday 22nd January 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Terms and Conditions
One Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit will be available for one winner.
The winner will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter widget.
If the winner does not respond within 7 days then a new winner will be chosen.
All entries will be checked and verified.
The winner will receive their items within 28 days of receipt of the winner's address
Entering this giveaway confirms that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.
The giveaway is open to the UK only.

I can't wait to give this away! :)


Monday, 4 January 2016

The Blusher Edit

The Blusher Edit
I've got a selection of my favourite blushers for you all today. As you can see, I'm extra adventurous  when it comes to blushers and have a huge variety of shades in baby doll pink, peach, baby doll pink and um, peach. Jokes aside, the lack of variety wasn't intentional I've obviously just found the right shades to suit my skin tone.

I feel that with all the current focus on contouring and highlighting, blusher has been put to the bottom of the pile a little bit. If I'm applying a full face of make up I never miss out the blusher stage, I love having a rosy glow! Let's get crackin' with my favourites:

MAC Pink Swoon Powder Blush- I've hit the pan...I think this is a good indication of my love for this blusher. When I first purchased this I was a little worried at how bright it was but it blends so well. I do prefer subtle blusher but it's easily buildable if you are a fan of a more intense look.

Clinque Cheek Pop in Plum- Such a luxurious blusher. I love how pigmented it is, it's almost a cream to powder consistency. I love the floral design and packaging too, so pretty! Clinque have got it spot on with these launches and I think it will remain as one of my favourite blushers for a long time to come.

Kiko Creamy Stick Blush 04 Hot Pink- I'm a powder girl through and through when it comes to blusher but I got this little beauty in a Glossybox and was really impressed with it. I don't normally get on with cream blushers as I can't stand them moving your already applied make up around your cheeks. I didn't have that problem with this product and the colour is beautiful.

MAC Peachykeen Powder Blush- Another beautiful shimmer blush. I love applying this for a night out as the shimmer adds a little bit of glamour. I find that it looks beautiful with highlighter as the shimmers compliment each other. This colour is more intense than the others but I prefer this for a night time look.

Sleek Shimmer Blush Rose Gold- I purchased this one on the back of the blogger hype. I'm normally dubious about hyped products but I knew I was going to love this one. What is not to love about Rose Gold and shimmer?! Sleek have got the amount of shimmer just right so my cheeks aren't looking like glitter balls and it gives such a beautiful glow. If I'm honest, it's pretty much a dupe for MAC Peachykeen and there is next to no difference in the quality either.

Do you own any of these blushers? What are your favourite blushers? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Top 10 Bloggers of 2015

2015 was the year that I finally started blogging myself but before that I'd been an avid blog reader for about 4/5 years. Until I made a Twitter account for my blog, I was only really aware of the 'big' bloggers and had no idea how popular blogging really was. Coming into the blogging community has opened my eyes to some truly amazing bloggers and I still enjoying nothing more than to sit down and read blogs with a cuppa to chill out. I also believe that it is SO important to support and promote your favourite bloggers as this industry is just so competitive. It's nice to be nice!

I have limited this post to 10 blogs but I could probably include about 100+ people on this list. Please don't be offended if you're not here but I'd be typing until 2017 if I included you all ;).

1. Lauren at By Lauren Jane

I've read Lauren's blog since she first started blogging and she is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Lauren's posts are always honest and open and I really respect that. She is a stunning lady and you will find so many gorgeous fashion posts over on her blog.

Favourite Posts:
My blogger twin! We share a lot of similar views and love having a good old moan to each other. You'll find a mix of beauty, fashion, books and lifestyle on Becky's blog. I particularly love her fashion posts as her figure is incredible! I'm also so pleased that Becky hit 10K Twitter followers in 2015, thoroughly deserved. I really hope we get to meet at some point in 2016!
Favourite Posts:
Top Posts of 2015
OOTD 60s Inspired Monochrome

3. Emma at Emme

Emma's blog has absolutely everything on point from layout, minimalism and an Instagram feed to die for. Her flat lays are perfection and I love watching her YouTube videos too, her accent is amazing! I can't wait to see what Emma's blog has to offer in 2016.

 4. Emily at British Beauty Addict
I love Emily's blog- one of my favourite things about it is her #TuesdayTakeover posts where she features fellow bloggers, it's such a great idea. I've recently had travel envy as I've been wanting to go to Iceland for so long and Emily's photos of her recent trip have just made me want to go even more! She comes across as such a lovely, down to earth person too.
Favourite Posts:
Iceland: The Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon
Rose Gold Beauty

5. Carl at A Bloke's Eye View

Again, before I started blogging myself it didn't even cross my mind that men would be blogging about male grooming too (how closed minded was I?!) but Carl's blog has very quickly become one of my favourites. We bonded over my love for his amazing shoe collection. I love reading a guy's view on things and Carl is also so supportive to other bloggers and this is a great quality to have.

Favourite Posts:
Mankind Grooming Boxes
My Spring Collection From Joules Clothing

6. Emma at Glossy Boutique

I was lucky enough to guest post on Glossy Boutique in 2015 and I was so honoured that Emma gave me the opportunity. Your can read my Neal's Yard post here. Emma writes some great posts on lifestyle, food (these posts make my mouth water so much!), beauty favourites and beauty hauls just to name a few.

Favourite Posts:
Beauty: Favourite Blushers
Lip Fillers at Transform

7. Emma at Emmys Beauty Cave
Emma was one of the first bloggers I started speaking to when I started writing my own blog and is always willing to give advice on Twitter when I've needed help! Over on her blog you will find lots of gorgeous beauty product reviews and swatches and if you're obsessed with Disney, then Emma is your girl!

Favourite Posts:
The Perfect Contour Product
My MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches

8. Liv at Dungarees and Donuts

I've just recently discovered Liv's blog and I'm so pleased I have. Liv is one of the nicest, most helpful people ever. I welled up reading her 2015 achievements post and was so pleased to read how far she has come in one year. I love that Liv's writing is so raw and real and she's not afraid to tackle 'taboo' topics that other bloggers can relate to.

Favourite Posts:
2015- What Did I Do?
Start Now, Not Tomorrow: My Story Of Mental Health

9. Fii at Little Miss Fii

Fii is an absolute little sweetheart who puts up with my lack of technical knowledge and is so patient with me! On her lovely blog you will find some amazing baking recipes, beauty and fashion posts and probably some shoes thrown in there somewhere ;)

Favourite Posts:
What is SEO and Why Should You Learn It?
Baking Adventures: Chocolate & Pistachio Cake

10. Scarlett at Scarlett London

I've been reading Scarlett's blog for a long while too and it's gone from strength to strength. Her blog is so classy and the photography is just beautiful. I love how honest and open Scarlett is with her health and lifestyle posts.

Favourite Posts:
Living with IBS
2015 in Travel

Who are your favourite bloggers? Who inspired you in 2015? Let me know in the comments below!
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